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May 2022


Lux Solar

The brand new Full Electric lighting tower Lux Solar joins the Lux Green range, designed for keeping up with the ecological transition. An epochal change that is leading the main manufacturers to the eco-electric conversion of machinery and entire ranges, which play a very important role in the new paradigm of sustainability and the circular economy. In ideal geographical conditions, with the solar yield exceeding the energy needs, Lux Solar confirms itself as self-sufficient all year round, guaranteeing continuous operation in absolute autonomy. If the energy needed is higher, the tower can be charged through the external electricity network. The estimated autonomy of the battery pack, considering the LED floodlights in operation, is about 20 hours. Choosing a tower powered by solar energy means guaranteeing sustainable lighting that does not depend on fuel, significantly reducing CO2 emissions and the production of noise pollution. Another relevant aspect to consider when choosing Lux Solar is the rapid return on investment over time. The needed maintenance is minimal and requires neither oil changes nor filters, virtually eliminating operating costs and machine downtime. It's a reliable and performing lighting alternative for both end users and rental companies operating in the infrastructure, construction, mining, and events sectors.

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