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Luxtower is the production branch of Meta Srl, an Italian company with forty years of experience in the rental industry, whose processes are ISO 9001 certified. The story of Luxtower born in 2011 thanks to a team of engineers, designers and technicians, who together have created a range of mobile lighting towers, currently distributed to Italian charterers and exported to Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Luxtower aims to rental companies and large construction companies, whom operate in the field of civil and industrial construction, oil and gas and event organisation industry.

In addition to its range of lighting towers, Luxtower, distributes LED lamps WORKING LIGHTS, practical solution for construction site mobile lighting, and it has in development the SECURITY TOWERS, video surveillance project for risk management.

Luxtower light towers for civil and industrial construction, oil and gas and events

Who we are

The headquarters of Luxtower is located in Codevilla (Pavia), 60 km south of Milan, extended over an area of about 10,000 square meters, close to the main ports and logistics centers in northern Italy.

The manufacture site is located south of Milan, where Luxtower has established an important partnership with a historical carpentry that transforms its exclusive projects into finished products.

We believe in the ambitious project to create products designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, using high quality components assisted to the latest technology, to maximize safety, efficiency and minimize costs. Therefore we produce machines in constant innovation, meticulously designed and assembled by the finest professionals, as one offering a product with an attractive design. Performance, longevity and ease of use are the main features that characterize our production.

The company offers a wide range of compact and versatile lighting towers for multiple applications such as construction sites, mining operations, humanitarian emergencies and special events. Some of our models have been designed and manufactured according to the needs and requests which our customers have expressed over time.

Luxtower in recent years has grown exponentially challenging international markets around the world.

The Hawk is the animal that identifies us, is the inlaid logo on all our machines. A noble bird of prey that observes the world from above, seeing in the distance clearly. We are always looking for new opportunities on which to throw swoop as the fastest among the predators.

Follow the Italian hawk.

Luxtower light towers for civil and industrial construction, oil and gas and events


We produce internally all the production processes, from assembly to testing, so as to deliver to the customer a reliable product ready to be used.

The satisfaction and trust of our customers are the result of our dedication and professionalism, which are integral parts of our company philosophy, allowing us to grow and prosper ensuring a future balance for all.

We aspire to become leaders known for producing innovative lighting towers, with high standards of performance and undisputed quality; moreover maintaining competitive prices in the international market.

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