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October 2022


LUX C23B // Full Battery powered

The brand new LUX C23B is certainly one of the flagship lighting tower part of the G-Tech range, oriented to environmental sustainability. Fully battery powered and equipped with the latest lighting technologies, it guarantees 36 hours running time, requiring no maintenance. The lighting system includes Four 100W Made in Italy LED floodlights installed on a telescopic mast with manual lifting system, capable of rising up to 8 meters. In line with the regulations in terms of emissions and environmental impact, LC23 is ideal for urban and indoor applications where silence and zero emissions are a prerogative. Like its sister Lux B.ONE, it is possible to select three working modes, making the tower versatile according to the application of use. - Manual - Automatic: Through the settable astronomical timer - Emergency. The tower stays connected to the main. Should a blackout occur, C23 will turn on automatically, guaranteeing the lighting to the environment.


Luxtower Technology turns Green

In response to the growing demand in terms of CO2 reduction and in accordance with the European Environmental Directives, Luxtower came out with the new G-Tech line (Green Line Technology); meeting point between technological innovation and company's eco-sustainable vision. G-Tech involves Plug-In, Battery Powered and Solar lighting towers, "Environmentally friendly" solutions made to break down maintenance and operating costs, while maintaining high levels of performance. The compactness and strength of the machinery are combined with high manufacturing standards, ensuring maximum safety and operating performance; lighting towers designed to be all-round for a wide range of sectors such as construction and mining sites, night road maintenance, indoor lighting, events and emergency situations.

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