LUX S10 is the latest avant-garde project of lighting tower designed by Luxtower, it’s the result of collaboration among rescue, rental and construction professionals. We have created a lightweight and handy product using the latest LED technology and the best materials available on the market.

LUX S10 stands out for performance, compactness, and solidity, able to compete with much bulky lighting towers equipped with a traditional 1600W halogen system.



Minumum dimensions [mm] 441 X 441 X 1440
Maximum dimensions[mm] 2053 X 2363 X 4332
Weight 83 Kg
Rotation 360°
Maximum wind stability 110 Km/h
Lifting system Manual
Stabilizers 3
Floodlights 6 X 50W
Type LED
IP level 65
Lumens 36000
Illuminated Area 2500 sqm
Operating temperature -30C°C˜45C°
Rated voltage 230V/50Hz

Advantages & applications

LUX S10 is a totally silent and environmentally friendly lighting tower:

  • It consumes 70% less energy than a 4X400 halogen lighting tower
  • Produces 36,000 lumens
  • The floodlights can be rotated up to 360°
  • Can be used both externally (IP65), even at high temperatures, or in indoor environments
  • Various units can be easily transported with a small van, thanks to an ultra-compact design
  • Once installed, it takes a small area
  • Ultra light weight of just 83 Kg



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