LUX M11 is one of the brighter results which is part of a development path distinguished by the application of the innovative LED technology. The LED lighting towers are ideal for the rental business, standing out for low consumption, compactness, sturdiness, and simplicity to use.

The lighting tower has an integrated generator, galvanized vertical telescopic mast with a manual lifting system, and equipped with four 320 W multi Led floodlights.



Dimensions min. 2390 X 1380 X 2640 (mm)
Dimensions max. 2390 X 2370 X 8000 (mm)
Maximum height 8 m
Dry weight 690 Kg
Mast rotation 340°
Lifting system Manual
Lamps 4 X 320 W - LED 
Illuminated Area 9300 m²
Optional LS version Kit [ DSE3110 control panel + Light sensor ]
DSE401 with remote control and tracking
Bunded tank


Alternator Synchronous
Power generator 3,5 kVA – 230 V
Outlet socket 1.3 kVA
Engine Kubota Z482 - 2 cyl - 1500 rpm
Cooling system Water
Tank capacity 80 l
Fuel consumption 0.55 l/h

Advantages & applications

LUX M11 is a strong and long-lasting machine, reliable over time.

Each Luxtower lighting tower undergoes a detailed and special manufacturing which makes it unique on the market:

  • The metal body is first galvanized then powder coated by polyester to avoid corrosion.
  • The vertical telescopic mast is galvanized and equipped with anti-shock plastic pads
  • The metal body is equipped with a double asymmetrical air vents to prevent annoying jams
  • Damping cage on Linz Alumen alternator to contain voltage surges
  • Both control panels and projectors have plug & play system for an easier replacement in case of damage.
  • Muffler is placed into an isolated metal case to prevent undue overheating


LUX M11 is suitable for outdoor applications and for wide areas:

  •  Construction sites
  •  Rental companies
  •  Extraction sites
  •  Events



The application of LED technology on lighting towers is oriented towards reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, improving at the same time the performance and life of the lamps.

Unlike metal halide lamps, LED headlights provide:

  • Instant lighting without waiting for overheating
  • Up to 60% fuel savings compared to the metal halide or halogen
  • Lamps life five times longer compared traditional ones.
  • Up to 40.000 working hours
  • Low environmental impact with about 50% CO2 reductions 
  • Less spare parts replacement
  • No ballast, no ignitors, floodlight glass, no lamps

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