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Lux Solar

The brand new Full Electric lighting tower Lux Solar joins the Lux Green range, designed for keeping up with the ecological transition. An epochal change that is leading the main manufacturers to the eco-electric conversion of machinery and entire ranges, which play a very important role in the new paradigm of sustainability and the circular economy. In ideal geographical conditions, with the solar yield exceeding the energy needs, Lux Solar confirms itself as self-sufficient all year round, guaranteeing continuous operation in absolute autonomy. If the energy needed is higher, the tower can be charged through the external electricity network. The estimated autonomy of the battery pack, considering the LED floodlights in operation, is about 20 hours. Choosing a tower powered by solar energy means guaranteeing sustainable lighting that does not depend on fuel, significantly reducing CO2 emissions and the production of noise pollution. Another relevant aspect to consider when choosing Lux Solar is the rapid return on investment over time. The needed maintenance is minimal and requires neither oil changes nor filters, virtually eliminating operating costs and machine downtime. It's a reliable and performing lighting alternative for both end users and rental companies operating in the infrastructure, construction, mining, and events sectors.



A heartfelt thanks to our business partner Kanoo which let us taking part in such important exhibition as BIG5 Saudi. A unique opportunity to introduce to the public our latest green oriented creation, the Lux Solar lighting tower. Last but not least, a huge thanks to all the visitors who passed by the booth. See you next time.


La nuova serie LM edizione Plus

The LM series family is expanding, we are pleased to present the new PLUS edition LED lighting towers with the exclusive Total black colour, more captivating and elegant. Moving on to the technical details, this range of towers hides some interesting gems. Road approved towing trailer complete with LED lights, light sensor, DSE electronic control panel, main / generator selector to operate also in electric mode and liquid collection tank to avoid leaking of fuel and oils in the environment. The PLUS version will be available on LUX M10 - LUX M12 - LUX M11 models. Get in touch for further information



The innovative and ultra-compact LUX S10 is unique in its category, thanks to the 83 kg low weight and 140 cm length in transport mode, the S10 can be easily carried on pick-ups, vans and capacious cars. LS10 is equipped with a pneumatic lifting telescopic mast extending up to 4.5 m height, that can be lifted by means of an air pump. The lighting system, composed of six 50W multi led floodlights manufactured in Italy, guarantees an illuminated surface of 1.900 sqm. It's suitable for different indoor and outdoor applications such as maintenance work, emergency lighting or even events. In Europe, this portable lighting tower has achieved remarkable feedback from Rentals and Construction Companies and in Italy has reached more than 50% of market shares in the sector.



Thanks to our great teamwork and dedication, we have obtained the renewal of the ISO 9001: 2015 certification, the international standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS), published by ISO (International Organization for Standardization). It is a collection of policies, processes, documented procedures and records, this set of documents defines the internal rules and how the company creates and delivers the product or service to customers In order to be published and updated, ISO 9001 had to receive the approval of the majority of member states, in order to become an internationally recognized standard and therefore accepted in most countries around the world.



Lux B.One, the perfect lighting tower in emergency conditions. This compact machine is entirely powered by two packs of batteries 12V 140AH each, which guarantee 11 hours running time with 9 hours charging time. Technical Specification: Galvanized vertical telescopic mast with manual lifting system LED floodlights: 4 X 100W - Made in Sweden - IP69K - 12,000 lumens Weight: 350 Kg Max height: 5.5 m Illuminated area: 2000 sqm Three functions - Manual mode - Light Sensor mode (timer as optional) - Emergency light (the tower must remain connected to the main network, should the power fail, the machine will turn on automatically, guaranteeing emergency lighting) Witing for you in our showroom for a demonstration.



Covid does not stop us! Through our super-efficient network of distributors in Northern Europe, approximately 300 units of electric and battery-powered lighting towers have been delivered for construction site lighting during the winter season. Electric lighting towers with the option of connection in series: LUX C12 - LUX S10 100% battery-powered lighting tower: LUX B.1

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