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October 2018


LED key benefit

This month we propose a focus about the benefit that can be obtained by choosing the LED technology proposed by Luxtower; high performance multi-led floodlights produced in Europe by specialized companies in the lighting sector. It's about eco-friendly products, they don't contain mercury, lead and dangerous gases, or other toxic substances. There are no UV or infrared emissions and CO2 emissions are 70% reduced. The LED floodlights guarantee a very low energy consumption (up to one third less energy than incandescent bulbs and 90% less than halogen lamps), guaranteeing a much higher yield than traditional technologies in terms of brightness and color rendering. Furthermore, the lower energy saving for its production and the possibility of recycling 99% of the components bring further important benefits to the environment. Extremely high technical reliability in terms of resistance to impact and sudden changes in voltage. They are resistant to thermal shocks, humidity and vibrations; they work instantly even in environments with temperatures that reach -40 ° C or 185 ° C. Therefore it's the ideal solution for indoor and outdoor lighting and in work environments, as well as for applications subject to frequent on-off switching. They maintain an extremely long life keeping their luminous flux up to 50,000 hours working time, compared to about 9,000 hours of incandescent bulbs, as they are free of filaments or glass subject to possible breakage. Therefore, once installed, the LED lamps don't require any maintenance for their operation over the years, not to mention that this type of lamps do not suddenly burn but fade slowly over time, allowing a scheduled maintenance. Immediate ignition, without waiting times, providing a uniform light without flickering. For traditional incandescent lamps, wait a few minutes before they reach maximum brightness. ENJOY YOUR LIGHT, CHOOSE LUXTOWER!


26th Assodimi Congress - Luxtower present at the challenge of change

For the 26th Congress Assodimi was chosen the technological venue H-FARM, the structure, immersed in Treviso countryside, could be seen as a business incubator but it is definitely something more. It is indeed a place where ideas are born, take shape and become a business. Man is at the center of this process. Last year, the 25th Assodimi congress saw the participation of over 270 people with 110 rental companies present. The rental market has seen a recovery in 2017, and the indices of the Assodimi and Era research centers see the next two interesting years. Users are increasingly aware that the rental can be a valid response to the problems of the market, and the market is being organized with new tools and methods of communication. During the event, Luxtower had the opportunity to highlight its latest found in lighting. The LUX C12 - LUX S10 electric light towers and the top of the range with the LUX H11 integrated genset, designed for the European market and charterers and therefore equipped with innovative technologies capable of providing high performance, in addition to the regulations regarding emissions and consumption.

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